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Veneto Vetro is a leading company in the industrial glass-working sector in every sphere of application: architecture, interior design, decor, nautical work, religious architecture, funerary monuments and transport.

Veneto Vetro has been a reference point for design studies for interiors and exteriors, building companies, boat and ship yards and companies working in a wide variety of sectors for fifty years as a reliable partner in the most difficult projects in terms of size, curves, shape, screen printing and printing on glass.

In particular, Veneto Vetro is one of very few companies in Europe to offer digital printing on glass products with Cromoglass hexachromatic ceramic paints, a totally innovative product which opens up new aesthetic and practical horizons.

Cromoglass is the latest product from a company which has distinguished itself since 1964 for its ongoing innovation drive and incessant desire to improve the technical performance of the oldest - but also the most contemporary - material invented by man.

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