Cromoglass is a new hexachromatic digital printing on glass technology available exclusively to Veneto Vetro's clients, a unique solution allowing the hardwearing quality of ceramic paints to be combined with the versatility and quality of digital printing.

As compared to traditional screen printing on glass - which requires a screen printing frame to be built and a print stroke for each colour - Cromoglass is a distinct improvement from every point of view - economically, in terms of production time frames, attractiveness and finished product performance.

With Cromoglass it is now possible to reproduce designs, paintings or drawings on glass simply and quickly from the starting point of an ordinary file. Cromoglass gives unequalled results in every type of application both internal and external and satisfies any attractiveness and practicality requirement.


Any glass surface

Cromoglass can be applied to any glass surface which can be tempered, both flat and curved, interior or exterior. All standard glass working processes (cutting, grinding, drilling, bending and layering) are performed prior to printing and do not interfere with glass working. The printed glass is subsequently tempered and it is then possible to perform H.S.T.

Cromoglass also allows you to print very large surfaces with a maximum size of 2600 x 5600 mm and is thus especially suitable for the great continuous glass façades which are such a feature of contemporary architecture. It is also possible to divide up images into sections to be applied to different glass surfaces which can be reassembled later on according to the size required to make mosaics and patterns.


Any design

Cromoglass allows maximum personalisation starting from individual graphic projects proposed by clients: graphics, vectorial illustration and bitmap images as high resolution photographes or scans. You can also make use of the large graphics catalogue made available by the company and which can be personalised.

Our 6 colour ceramic inkjet ensures optimal image resolution on glass surfaces and maximum durability over time recreating an infinite variety of nuances.


Any requirement

Cromoglass guarantees top printing resolution and aesthetic quality and maximum durability over time even where glass is exposed to UV rays and adverse climate conditions (exposure to bad weather, temperature variations, etc.).

Cromoglass is not simply capable of responding to your beauty requirements but also to practical demands. Printing on selected high performance glass improves thermal insulation and environmental comfort by controlling the sun factor.

In buildings, Cromoglass can be used to create high insulation performance stained glass windows assembled and sealed with safety glass. In interior design, Cromoglass makes environments unique by personalising internal wall coverings, doors and windows, kitchen decor, headboards, shower cabins, railings, reception desks and so on and means that spaces can be screened off for privacy.

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Any budget

By eliminating frames, films and the other tools required by traditional screen-printing, the Cromoglass digital printing process drastically reduces fixed costs and allows you to choose single pieces or small-scale work. It is also a rapid printing process because the journey from a digital file to a finished product has been reduced to a minimum.

It is thus a versatile product which can be used by both private clients and the contract market.